February 28, 2018

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Whatever you are doing today it is holy ground...

Six years ago we quit our jobs, sold our house and embarked on an “adventure.” We wanted to better understand what it looks like for heaven to come to earth, now. How do we hear God’s voice? How do we listen to what God has to say on behalf of other people? When and how does God heal people? We wanted to be immersed and mentored in a community where God’s presence in the room was the norm. We also wanted to spend some time studying in the bible, in scripture about God’s presence. When we originally started we had three kids and I thought it was a three year adeventure. Now we have four children and six years later we are in the final stages of the adventure. We spent two years immersing ourselves in a charistamtic community, learning how they go about bringing heaven to earth. We spent two and a half years in Scotland, sitting at the feet of renowned biblical scholars at the University of St Andrews, and Greg started a Phd at the University of Durham which he is now in the final stages of. We are almost done.


One of the things we both have been convinced by along this journey is that our experience of God is SO dependent on our own personalality AND cultural preferences. I know that sounds incredibly post modern. I’m not saying that God changes or that there are many paths up one mountain. I do really believe God is God. But what we see, hear and even feel from God is so impacted by the culture, community we grow up in AND our own personality and peferences.


We have also become convinced that God wants to use all of us everywhere. Let me explain. I have no problem with people volunteering in and for the church. I did that for years. BUT I think that God wants to use us in our businesses, as lawyers, writers, teachers, parents, coaches. I believe that God’s presence lives in us and God is with us as we go about every part of our day.


This is why our ability to hear and discern God’s voice is so crucial. If God is with me but I cannot hear or sense what God is up to it becomes harder to partner with what God is doing right now, right here. But if I can tune into what God is doing with this client, with this child, with this employee then I am able to partner with God in any moment of any day.


God wants to bring heaven to earth. I like to picture what heaven looks like. Free from pain, death, sickness, poverty, abuse. Full of creativity, beauty, art, music, harmony. So if that is my picture of heaven then bringing heaven to earth means bringing that here. Art, music, harmony, health, justice. That means that in almost every profession we can bring about one aspect of heaven to earth. So whatever you are doing today, it is holy ground. It is a place where God walks because you walk there. We are the temple. We are the place God’s presence dwell. So regardless of whether we are volunteering in a church program, teaching an exercise class, programing for a start-up, or folding clothes, God is with us and we can participate in bringing God’s kingdom here. 

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