February 28, 2018

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Why and how do you do what you do

I recently became certified to both teach DISC, and to administer assessments and walk people through the results. In both marriage and parenting I have found the DISC behavior assessment to be extremely useful. Rather than a personality inventory, DISC measures four parts of normal behavior:


1. Our response to problems or challenges

2. How we influence others around our point of view

3. Our response to the pace of the environment around us

4. Our response to rules or procedures created and enforced by others


I find it not only helps people understand their own responses to the situations life throws at them but it also helps them understand why other people do what they do. This means it helps resolve conflict, help communication, and sets people up for success personally and as a member of a team whether teaching team, work place team or family.


The report generated from a DISC assessment not only looks at our natural behavior styles but also our adapted. Frequently we are in work/social environments where the dominant culture emphasizes or prefers different behavior than we tend towards, requiring us to adapt. Some adaption is healthy but adapting too much will end up causing stress, unhappiness and may require a change.


For example, if you are someone who likes a fast pace environment with a few boundaries but a lot of freedom to do your own work BUT you are in a culture that is highly procedural and slower moving THEN it may cause a lot of dissatisfaction. OR if you are in a marriage where one of you really values researching every decision to make sure you get the best information possible before committing, and the other one of you would rather take a chance, give it a try of if it doesn’t work take it back or do something different next time THEN there may be a lot of tension around financial or even time decisions. OR if you as a family value debate and direct communication and conflict resolution BUT you have a child who does not like to be put in the lime light or center of attention THEN this child may end up experiencing significant stress in day to day family dynamics.


I could go on and on with examples of where DISC has helped my husband and I figure out how to make decisions together, about how it has helped me parent my kids and understand my own preferences. I like the DISC because it is based on behavior that I could observe the moment my kids started to crawl. With my older children, I can guess where they would be on the Enneagram Wheel but it has taken longer and requires more self-knowledge and understanding on my kid’s part. But, DISC assessments can be done for as young as 4th/5th grade by themselves or by just watching your younger children and their natural responses to pace of life, conflict, rules and how they choose to try to get their own way.


Again, this doesn’t assess personality but behavior. Are you people or task oriented? Do you naturally prefer fast or slow placed environments? What does it take for you to feel sure about a decision? How do you handle conflict? Essentially it looks at how you do what you do! If you are interested in taking an assessment let me know!!! 

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