February 28, 2018

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Lent week 4: Resistance part 2

1. Our God is King and has won the battle.
2. God entered into the pain and suffering of our world.
3. We do not need to be afraid of pain, suffering because God is with us and God came to set us free. 

WEEK 4: Resistance Part 2 Read Psalm 127
Thought: Do you ever feel overwhelmed at the injustice and feel helpless at your role in ending it? I spent a season as a public defender, working in juvenile court representing kids either against their parents, the state or the school district. My job was to be the voice of the kid in the room. This meant that I listened to their story, and I advocated for their desires in front of the judge. Sometimes we "won", sometimes we got a portion of their desires, and often they were just one part of a bigger mess and they didn't get what they wanted. We lost, a lot. At some point I had an extended rant with Jesus--what was the point in all the work I was doing only to have the kids lose? The point, Holy Spirit said, was first that through me, God was in the room with these kids. Holy Spirit lives in me. I go meet with a client. Holy Spirit is meeting with the client. Second, I was listening to their story, their version and giving it validity. 

We can do a lot of work and experience a lot of stress but unless we are participating in what God is doing our work can feel pointless, like a drop in the bucket. Anxiety, fear and stress will do nothing to bring about God's kingdom. And success in God's kingdom doesn't always look the same as it does here on earth. God came to set the captives free, bring healing to the sick, justice for the poor and food for the hungry. God also brought about an end to death itself. God resists sin and we participate with him.



All of this requires a sensitivity to our call, our part. We are not alone, in fact unless God is building the house we are working in vain. Where is God calling you to bring God’s kingdom? Where is God calling you to resist the evil of this world? Is it as an artist, nurse, teacher, parent? When we bring beauty in the midst of pain, order out of chaos, health in sickness, empowerment to those who are considered weak or little we are bringing God’s kingdom. We are resisting. 

Application: Ask Holy Spirit to show you what God is doing in and through you to bring about God’s kingdom in your day to day life? Write down the first things you hear. Then ask Holy Spirit is there something particular this week that God wants you to do to bring about resistance and change? And remember, we are participating with what God is already doing not doing it ourselves!

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