February 28, 2018

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Lent week 3: Resistance

1. God is our King and has won the battle.
2. God entered into the pain and suffering in our world.

Week 3: Resistance- Psalms 46


Thought: Last week I wrote about solidarity--we have a God who entered into solidarity with us. God experienced our pain and the suffering of sin and brokenness. But solidarity isn't the end of the story. While Jesus was living in solidarity with us He did something else--He resisted. He did not succumb to the fear and hate of our world, nor did He adopt human constructions of success, importance, or even of what resistance looks like. Rather than starting a Jewish rebellion, overturning Roman rule, which is what his disciples and followers expected him to do, Jesus provided food, healing, hope. He crossed social boundaries and calls us to do the same. Jesus did not listen to fear. Ever. Fear was not an option. 

God entered into solidarity with us in order to set us free. What looked like the ultimate failure, Jesus' death on the cross, was the ultimate resistance/rebellion. Now death is not the final answer. In the midst of all of the pain and suffering in our world, one thing we do not fear is death itself. It is not the end. For us to fully enter into the suffering of the world we need to remember that we do not need to be afraid.

Application: Take 5 minutes today somewhere in your car, at your desk, in the bathroom in order to sit in silence. Calm yourself down. Read the psalm through 3 times. After the first time write down or take note of things you are afraid of. After the second time ask Holy Spirit to speak truth into places you feel the fear. Write down everything that comes to mind and filter later. After the third time write or take note of everything you can thank God for. Thankfulness has a way of resisting fear. These 3 steps are an easy exercise to do anywhere,


anytime in the next week when you realize you are responding to a situation in fear. Confess the fear, claim the truth, offer up thankfulness. 

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