February 28, 2018

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Lent Week 2: Solidarity

This is the second week of a lent devotional. Check out the last blog for week one. 

Read Psalm 40


 Last week we looked at what it means to be a child of the King. This week remembering God has already won, we look at what it means to enter into solidarity with the pain/sin of the world. Jesus entered into the pain and suffering of being Human. It is so easy to read the news, listen to stories and to try to ignore, forget and move on partially because it is so overwhelming and because it is so easy to feel helpless. Instead this week take time to grieve, to feel, to enter into the pain, brokenness. We have a God who did not remain distant and fix things from afar. He entered in, heard the stories, took on the pain himself. He entered the miry pit with us and for us.
Application: Take a news story this week. Take some time to get to know the people in the story.  Who are they? What are their names? What is their situation? Then ask God how God feels about the situation. Ask God to show you where God is in it? What is God doing? Where is Holy Spirit? Again like last week, have a pen and paper ready—write down everything you think as it comes into your brain. Ask Holy Spirit a question—how does this make you feel? Where are you in this? Write down the first things you hear. Don’t filter. Go back later to see what might be your thoughts and God’s thoughts. Too often if we filter as we go we make it harder to hear.
Conclusion: As the sin of the world hits you this week, take time to feel your way through it, grieve it, feel what God feels. Then take time to ask God what God is doing in the situation. Finally ask God what it looks like to partner with what God is doing. Remember this is in the context of last week--God is King, God has won and we are part of God's family and story. 

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